Waste Water Systems

Waste Water Systems from Jamestown Technologies

By: Jamestown Technologies  08/25/2014
Keywords: Wastewater Treatment, Waste Water Treatment, Water Treatment Service

Metal finishers, utilities, electronic component and semiconductor fabricators, refineries, chemical manufacturers, food processors, automotive, aerospace and transportation industries and most importantly, the environment, all benefit from Jamestown's expertise. Formulated to maximize system performance to ensure compliance with legislated discharge limits.

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Solution Mining Systems

For over 30 years, Jamestown has been a leader in the development and marketing of sulfate inhibitors. These all-organic SSI™ products inhibit the solubility of calcium sulfate (anhydrite), a primary impurity in many salt formations. Our products are used in both solution mining and rock salt dissolver applications, worldwide.

Green Water Treatments from Jamestown Technologies thumbnail

Green Water Treatments

The Solid Solutions™ product line consists of a complete series of environmentally-responsible corrosion inhibitors, dispersants and microbiocides that can be used in most cooling, boiler, and closed-loop recirculating water systems. Packaged in gallon-sized, HDPE-2 plastic containers, with 4 containers in each fiberboard shipping carton. Each carton (approx. 50 pounds) generates about one 30 to 55 gallon conventional drum’s worth of active water treatment solution.

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Boiler Water Systems

Jamestown's versatile product line is designed to provide comprehensive corrosion and deposit control in boilers, steam and condensate lines, and associated equipment used in commercial buildings, manufacturing facilities, food plants, and utilities.

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Cooling Water Systems

Jamestown’s innovative product line is designed to inhibit corrosion, scaling, and microbiological fouling in all open and closed recirculating cooling water systems found in commercial and industrial facilities.

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Water Treatment Programs

Located at West Haven, Connecticut, Jamestown Technologies specializes in the evaluation, design, installation, and maintenance of water treatment programs used by industrial, commercial and institutional facilities. Since 1972, the company has provided our customers with viable solutions to performance, costs, and environmental problems encountered in cooling and boiler water equipment, waste water treatment systems, solution mining applications, and other water dependent operations.