House Buying

By: 4 Brothers Buy Houses  11/24/2015
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We Buy Houses fast, as-is, and for cash anywhere in the DC Metro area. Make no repairs, sell your house fast, pay no closing costs, and sell your house for cash. Why Sell Your House to 4 Brothers Buy Houses? We buy houses fast- we can close as quickly as within 19 days. You can have an offer within 10 minutes of calling us. We don't need to see the house to give you an offer, we'll let you know what we'll offer for your house fast- right over the phone! We buy houses as-is. Don't make any repairs, don't remove any personal items like furniture, clothes, cookware, etc. Leave everything in the house and we'll handle it. We won't do any home inspections of any kind. That means no 60 page report of stuff you need to fix before you sell your house. Have a grand piano you don't want anymore? Have a 'hoarder house' where nothing has been thrown away for 10 years? No problem- leave it all and we'll handle it. We want to make it so easy to sell your house as-is that you can literally touch nothing in the house from the time we complete paperwork to the time we go to closing. We buy houses in cash. Financing is one of the most challenging things to deal with when selling a house. After the economic collapse in 2008 lenders have become much more strict in who they will lend money to to buy a house. I've talked to countless sellers who had what they thought was a qualified buyer lined up to buy their house, they wait the 30 days to close, then the day before settlement they get a call from the lender saying 'whoops, there's been a problem and the buyer can't buy your house.' The emotional and financial stress of that can be huge. But because we buy houses in cash, you don't have to worry about that. We don't go to a lender to buy your house. We use our own funds, and so you never have to worry your house won't close. We are the ones who actually buy the house. Other we buy houses companies out there- especially those who buy nationally, won't be the ones to actually buy your house. They'll take your phone call then refer you to a local affiliate who will be the one to actually buy your house. Why go through multiple layers of people just to get a simple offer on your house? With 4 Brothers Buy Houses you call our phone number and get connected directly to us. No run around- you get your cash offer fast.

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