Anti-sticker & Anti-graffiti Coating

Anti-sticker & Anti-graffiti Coating from Candy Paint Asia

By: Candy Paint Asia  08/25/2015
Keywords: Graffiti, Sticker, Anti Graffiti

Transforms any surface into highly slippery surface where sticker cannot be adhesive, & spray paint can easily removed 1. Outstanding Hydrophobic & Oleo phobic surface properties 2. High end anti-stick and release properties 3. Highly resistant to prevent attack by micro-organisms, hydrocarbons, chemical products and UV radiation 4. Provides protection and penetration of water Specification Color : Clear, Custom Color (consult for details) Lifetime : More than 2 years RoSH Test : Passed, heavy metals not detected Acid Test : Passed, after soak in 5% acid solution for 24 hours simulate acid rain UV Test : Passed (0.12 N/cm), exposed to UV lamp for 1000 hours equal to 3 years sun light exposure Apply by : Roller / brush / professional spraying with 0.2 ~ 0.3 mm thickness Curing time : Touch Dry in 1 hour > 25C° ambient air cure with immediate anti-sticker effect Hard Cure in 3 days, Full Cure in 7 days

Keywords: Anti Graffiti, Graffiti, Sticker

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