Wyngle: Your shopping-only email address

By: Wyngle Inc.  07/31/2014
Keywords: Email, Shopping, Customer Loyalty

-- A win-win shopping hub --

Wyngle brings together buyers and sellers by helping our members create and build their online shopping profile which in turn helps our partners to better target their offers to those really interested. Less irrelevant offerings for our members and more effective advertising and marketing efforts for our partners, a win-win situation.

-- No secrets, you are in control of your data! --

With Wyngle you always know what data we keep, you decide what information to share and if you want to remove something, go ahead, it's your data! Some people use Wyngle as their starting point for their online shopping sprees, comparing new offers with what they bought in the past, classifying and organizing their purchases to get the best advice for future buys. Others just make sure they buy from our partners to collect cashback on every purchase made. No matter the type of shopper, everyone can decide what information they want to share and / or use for future purchases.

-- No cookies, but still have your pie and eat it too --

By using Wyngle for your online shopping needs, you reduce your exposure to third parties who, very often secretly, collect information about your shopping behaviour. They do this by placing small files on your computer (cookies) which help them follow you wherever you go.

Imagine you are walking in a mall and someone has slyly hid a tiny machine into your bag. It automatically registers the shop you went in, the products you touched and even the ones you briefly looked at. And then when you enter the next shop, this shop actually checks the contents of that tiny machine, checks what you looked at and what you bought. But it does not stop recording just at those shops. No, it also records your visit to the hairdresser, the gym and your trip to the candy store.

Legislation is making it harder for third parties to just slip this tiny machine into your bag (ie place a cookie on your computer), but there always remain doubts whether shops will play by the (ever changing) rules.

Wyngle is the solution and committed to maintain your privacy while shopping online, helping you reduce the need for cookies, while still providing you with meaningful deals and cashback on your purchases.

Keywords: Cashback, Customer Loyalty, Email, Privacy, Shopping