Xantrex PROwatt True Sine Wave Inverter from 12 Volt Technology LLC provides reliable power solution

Xantrex PROwatt True Sine Wave Inverter from 12 Volt Technology LLC provides reliable power solution from 12 Volt Technology LLC

By: 12 Volt Technology LLC  12/30/2015

For some people, the nights are much darker and scary when there is a power failure. Though power cuts are unpredictable, individuals can always choose to use an inverter in case of one. An inverter is an electric gadget that converts direct current into alternating current to give you access to AC power where regular power is not available through a DC source. Considering its importance in dark nights, 12 Volt Technology LLC is providing Xantrex PROwatt SW1000 - True Sine Wave Inverter for sale. Xantrex PROwatt is an affordable and top-quality pure sine wave inverter that features 900W Continuous, 2000W Surge Capability, Built-in digital display for DC volts and output power, Built-in USB port, Dual GFCI AC receptacles for safe operation and many others. Individuals can now online order this inverter for just $234.99 from the company’s official outlet, 12VoltTechnology.com. When it comes to providing best-in-class pure sine wave inverters at the most competitive prices, 12 Volt Technology LLC is the industry leader. The Xantrex PROwatt inverter that they are providing is manufactured with cutting edge technology to ensure that it fulfills the highest quality standards and meet the needs of their customers. Having protection features like low voltage shutdown (10.5 Vdc), low voltage alarm (11.0 Vdc), over voltage protection (15.5 Vdc), over load shutdown, etc., this pure sine wave inverter is sure to provide proper lighting solution during power failures. Those looking a reliable provider can rely on this reputed firm for providing exceptional products. In addition to pure sine wave inverters, 12 Volt Technology LLC also provides power drive inverter, humminbird fish finder, boat battery charger, driving lights and many other 12 volt products.

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