Boosting Google PageRank

Boosting Google PageRank from Digital Marketing Designs LLC

By: Digital Marketing Designs LLC  06/10/2016
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One of the multiple factors Google uses to determine the importance and validity of a website is called your page rank. Page rank is not as much of an influential metric for search engine optimization (SEO) as it used to be, but it still holds some sway and influence. The amount of page rank depends on many factors, but we will provide you with a few quick and free tips to get you started on improving your score. You can begin increasing your page rank today by following these suggestions; even if you have not been doing it until now…it is never too late to start doing the right thing! Pass On The Link Juice When you create beautiful, unique and relevant content that fits with your business and the direction of your site, this will increase your page rank. Also, Digital Marketing Designs recommends that you build a strong social network with multiple profiles for various platforms so that your content is talked about and shared in the vastness of cyberspace. Trust us when we tell you that people reference pieces of amazing published content all the time—so you will surely receive links back from pages that already have a higher page rank than your own…thus increasing your score! When someone with a high score creates a link back to your website, they are passing along some ranking power to the original source of the content piece. Follow these general principles and you will begin on the right path to success at search engine optimization. However, the truth is that there is a lot more to it and we are merely scratching the surface, although it’s a strong scratch! So let’s review and recap real quick: personalized and relevant content strategy strong social media presence and visibility link backs from authoritative sources

Keywords: google organic search, search engine result pages,

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