Beginner’s Guide To LEDs

Beginner’s Guide To LEDs from LED Today

By: LED Today  04/20/2016
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With the advances of the lighting industry, the incandescent light bulbs age is about done. Right now you might be asking yourself: What is the best replacement for incandescent light bulbs? The right answer for your office space, warehouse and your home is: LED Light bulbs. With this Beginner’s Guide to LEDs, we will show you why. A good-quality LED does far more than incandescent bulbs ever did, and technology has dramatically enhanced the lights since they first came onto the market. Beginner’s Guide To LEDs: What is LED? LED is an acronym for “light-emitting diode.” These lights are considered a type of solid state lighting, or SSL, because they use diodes instead of the gases, filaments, or plasma associated with other types of lighting. Types of SSL lighting also include organic light-emitting diodes and light-emitting polymers. Beginner’s Guide To LEDs: Benefits of LED Lighting You may have become interested in LEDs because you’ve heard they’re considered energy-efficient. These energy savings come from several aspects of the lights. LED lights only emit light in the direction towards which the diodes are turned. Resulting in a much brighter and cleaner light. Incandescent light bulbs put out a lot of heat to produce light but almost 90% of the energy creating went unused according to Energy Star LED lights are easier to maintain and are less temperamental than other types of lighting LED lights do not produce infrared or ultraviolet emissions Beginner’s Guide To LEDs: LED Lighting Applications LED lights do far more than give you light where you are working or living. In fact, different LED lights are available for use in almost every type of lighting situation: Industrial LED Lighting, Commercial LED Light, Residential LED Lighting and Outdoor LED Lighting. LED Lights available at LED Today Online Store From office and home lighting all the way to warehouses and parking lots, LED lighting is the best option for all lighting needs. You have many choices when it comes to selecting LED lights. At LED Today online store, you can shop for LED lights by categories or by application type.

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