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By: Cheer Counseling  08/26/2016
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Parenting is one of the biggest challenges anyone faces in their life. Being responsible for the total care of another person, a very small other person, can be overwhelming. No child comes with a direction manual, and since each child is different, raising other children won’t teach you what to expect from the newest one. Even when you feel successful raising your child, adolescence is another huge challenge. There are times when a parent may lose their temper or even accidently hurt a child. When the state steps in to supervise, or even to remove a child from the home, we will be there to help you maneuver through the social service agencies that become involved in your life. We offer a program titled: PARENTING WITH LOVE. These are anger management/parenting therapy sessions for clients of Eckerd, as well as anyone who desires to improve their parenting skills. This program can be paid for through self-pay, private insurance, or ASO funding through Eckerd. – Our PARENTING WITH LOVE, Anger Management/Parenting is done through individual or couples sessions and is recognized by Eckerd and the Juvenile Justice Court System. These sessions last from 8-12 weeks (depending on how fast you can complete the required work) and a certificate is awarded upon completion.

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