By: RadiusPoint  09/01/2016
Keywords: Contract Management, Cost Management, Expense Management

Developed exclusively by RadiusPoint, ExpenseLogic is the most powerful expense management software tool available on the market today. This solution eliminates countless tedious staff hours, increases accuracy and identifies expensive billing errors and fees in real-time. ExpenseLogic easily handles your company’s telecom expense management (TEM), utility expense management (UEM) and loss prevention expense management (LPEM) across one, easy-to-use platform. Put your company’s time and money back where it belongs – on your bottom line. How your company uses ExpenseLogic is your choice. Outsourcing allows RadiusPoint to manage the software for you, providing powerful reports in conjunction with other managed and professional services, or your staff can become more effective by leveraging the software as an in-house solution.

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Other products and services from RadiusPoint


Mobile Device Management

Our MDM solution takes care of each device for its full life cycle, from provision to retirement.


Wireless Expense Management

RadiusPoint will analyze your data, compare usage to plan and make sure that you are not overpaying for any unused minutes, unused wireless devices, data cards, or lines.


Utility Expense Management

RadiusPoint manages the process from initial audit to vendor payment utilizing our ExpenseLogic software.


Telecom Expense Management

Using RadiusPoint’s proactive approach to managing your company’s telecom invoices has been shown to save 12 – 18% per month in expenses with telecom expense management.