By: Altima International Group LLC  06/19/2014
Keywords: Coatings, Water Treatment, Paints

Products and Services: Resins, Additives, Polyacrylates, Solvents, Associative Thickeners, Metal Driers, Ph regulators, Fillers, Cellulosics, Redispersable Powders, Biocides, Silicones, Talc, Epoxy Hardeners, Epoxy Resins, Bentonites, Catalysts, Coalescing Agents, Defoamers, Primary Amines and other chemicals.

Keywords: Additives, Altima, Altima International, Altima International Group, Altima International Group LLC, Associative Thickeners, Chemicals, Coatings, Defoamers, Distribution, Distributor, Epoxy Hardeners, Epoxy Resins, Fillers, Green Products, Paints, Polyacrylates, Propylene Glycol, Raw Materials, Resins, Silicones, Solvents, Talc, Water Treatment,

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