Customer Surveys, Analysis, and Insights

Customer Surveys, Analysis, and Insights from

By:  05/10/2015
Keywords: Market Research, Marketing Research, Online Surveys

Customer surveys are a fantastic way to get feedback about your company's products, services, customer service, demographics, geographics, income etc... If you don't ask, how can you possibly know for sure you are meeting the needs of your customers? One quick example I'll share is about the customers of a Garden Center I work with. One of the most important takeaways from the survey was the age of their clients. A full 80% were over 50, and 65% were over 60. Why is this so important? Older gardeners don't have the agility a younger gardener has, they suffer from Arthritis, loss of bone density, achy joints, and other debilitating factors which make their past time of gardening that much more challenging, and less enjoyable. What insight did we glean from this information? We needed a way to make these gardeners more comfortable. The solution? We brought in a line of garden tools and accessories designed especially for this demographic. We brought in Bionic Gardening Gloves, which were granted the Arthritis Foundation’s Ease of Use Commendation. We brought in Radius Garden Tools designed to reduce wrist pain and fatigue so it would not interfere with their gardening pleasure. One more example is the New Tractor Scoot with steerable tractor scoot, so you can sit comfortably while you garden, and steer around garden beds without getting up. Without the survey, they never would have guessed their customer base was made up of so many seniors! Not only did the retain a customer, this customer bought their usual flowers, THEN purchased this equipment, AND extended the amount of years they will now be able to garden with the use of these tools. The moral of the story is survey. Otherwise you are just making educated guesses.

Keywords: Customer Surveys, Internet Surveys, Market Research, Marketing Research, Online Surveys, Survey Analysis, Web Surveys



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