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By:  05/09/2015
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Email marketing is your cash cow. Your name list if worked right can continuously generate new sales opportunities. I typically create and mail out enewsletters, enewsletter/salesletters, salesletters and surveys. Survey open up even more opportunities by shining light on what your customers really think about your business. If you ask, they'll tell, but I do have the business offer them a small token of their appreciation, typically a coupon. I recently found $12,000 for a client. He sells plants, and was loss leading a plant by a dollar compared to even the big box stores. When I reviewed the survey, price was very far down on the list of importance to his customers. Quality and service were at the top. So, we raised the plants up a dollar and he sold out of his normal 12,000 plants. Considering the survey cost $200, I'd say he made out great and I need to change my rate structure!

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