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By:  05/10/2015
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A yearly Small Business Marketing Plan is critical to greatly increasing your success with your business. The way I approach a a marketing plan is reasonably simple. First we start with as blank spreadsheet, or table, then label it with all twelve months. Then we just start filling it in. If you have an email marketing program, we start adding the dates quarter by quarter with the holiday or other day you will be promoting. We then add another date above with the date the newsletter is going to be sent out.. We go further back to when the copy and photos are due to go to the marketer, or when you need to have it done if you're are going to do it yourself. We continue to do this with all your marketing programs be it a newspaper ad, the open house, the survey, even down to the weekly schedule that includes checking your reviews and responding to them, especially if they are negative, posting on Facebook, photos on Instagram, blog entry etc... Initially, this marketing brainstorm session will look like chaos, but once we get your ideas down, I will create a master spreadsheet, color coded and easy to navigate. A long time ago, I remember hearing a motivational speaker say something that has always stuck with me and now I'll share it with you. Businesses don't plan to fail, the fail to plan. If you don't have a marketing plan in place, this is a great tool to consider to help you stay organized and ahead of your marketing tasks, instead of becoming overwhelmed and watching your marketing in your head crash and burn.

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