Purealizer, Air Purification for reducing airborne pathogens and harmful contaminants

By: Purealizer Industries  05/23/2015
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The Purealizer™ PR-UV01 uses UV light in the optimum germicidal range (254nm) combined with photocatalytic oxidation to eliminate pathogens and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The fixture was designed with aesthetics, effectiveness and functionality in mind using the most advanced technologies for disinfection. The eradication capabilities of the Purealizer™ extend to less than .3 microns, the size where the most contagious viruses and contaminants are found. Operating 24/7, the Purealizer™ protects the environment by continuously purifying the air with multiple air changes each and every hour. Aerobiological health hazards include allergens, mold spores, bacteria and viruses, all which can affect anyone working indoors. For many years, the most effective air purifiers were only used in hospitals and other types of facilities where there was an increased need for protecting patients who were susceptible to infections. However, with the rise of drug resistant antibiotics, mycotoxins from mold spores and even the resurgence of measles in schools, there is an ever increasing demand for using air purification systems in non-medical related buildings. Unlike most air purifiers, the Purealizer™ is designed to fit neatly into a 2’-ft. by 2’-ft. opening and operates discreetly and quietly as the recessed assembly fixture blends neatly into a drop ceiling. Now, small business owners, commercial property managers and facility managers alike can be assured of a highly effective air disinfection system which eradicates harmful pathogens, and at an affordable cost. Who can benefit from the Purealizer's powerful protection, healthcare facilities, schools with mold, medical clinics, doctor offices, dental offices, nursing homes, daycare centers and many other commercial buildings which need high quality indoor air.

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