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By: Place1SEO  02/29/2016
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Some benefits of Search Engine Optimization include: Target Marketing: Place1SEO directly targets internet users who are actively searching the web using keyword phrases to find products or services. Content is KING in the world of search engine optimization, and time must be spent making sure that your website delivers a consistent and relevant message. Search engines aim for delivering relevant search results. Search engines like Google will create algorithms which improve the relevancy of search results by developing criteria to focus on content, keywords and authority. Increased Effective Web Traffic: Our SEO company uses site content and long-tailed keyword phrases as a guide to develop increased website traffic while reducing the overall bounce rate. The bounce rate refers to a visitor quickly exiting the website without spending anytime on it. Bounce occurs due to an ineffective keyword strategy and irrelevant content which cause visitors to land on your website and realize that it is not what they were looking for, so they exit quickly (bounce). The better your website's content is optimized, the better you will be positioned on relevant search results. Website Structure: Simple, well-structured websites are an important tool for website ranking and user experience it is used to keep visitors on your website. Part of every good SEO strategy is to address the structure of your website and re-work it so that it’s easier for search engines to crawl, and for visitors to use the website. Websites must be user friendly on all devices. A responsive design means that your website has been designed to scale from a large computer|monitor to a tablet and then will still be simple to use on a mobile device. The shift towards visitors using mobile devices makes mobile usability an important part of the SEO plan. SEO focuses on content, keyword strategy, website structure, design and responsiveness

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