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By: Alligator Media  08/13/2014
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The most important step in any SEO campaign is to thoroughly research relevant keywords for your business or venture. Keyword research can determine many decisions in search engine optimization including choosing a domain, page names, headings, and many other important structural elements of a website. Website and On Page Structure How you structure your website as a whole and each individual page on that website can make or break your quest to rise in the search engines. For instance, you may have a well written page with great content that the search engines would love to feed to their users but if there are not enough internal links to that page it will stay buried with low traffic. In addition to internal linking there are many elements and “tags” in the html code of your website that must be completed correctly in a way that associates you with the keywords you are targeting. Building Relevant Links Due to changes in the algorithm that Google uses to determine search engine ranking it is more important than ever to have relevant links or links from websites or pages whose content are relevant to the keywords you want to be known for. In the past some people would have success by getting links from the thousands or more free directories available on the internet. They would also get relevant links but by getting many low quality links they were being rewarded. That is no longer a viable approach as these directories and other low quality sites had their importance smashed in the last algorithm update. Now if you have many low quality links, the kind that are mostly done through automated means you will get poor results. It is now more important than ever to laser focus on linking and sharing with relevant content sources as a means of search engine optimization. Building Supporting Links Even though low quality links are not what you are looking for, it is important to be well rounded when it comes to SEO. Niche directories, Social Media, web 2.0 sites, social bookmarking sites all play a role in establishing your website as one that is growing naturally and is trustworthy. Blog Setup and Deployment Another plus for the search engines is a website that frequently updates their content, especially content that uses the keywords you are trying to target. To that end setting up a blog is a great way to provide updated content to your customers and to show Google that they need to check out your website more often and re-evaluate your place in the pecking order. Content Creation and Marketing Creating quality content and marketing that content is another extremely important factor in an SEO campaign. Even if the extent of your content is a few pages on your website it must reflect your targeted keywords and each individual page must be marketed fully so they can receive the maximum number of backlinks to that page. Other great ways to create content that is engaging for your customers and the search engines include video on your website, blog posts, image galleries, infographics as well as many others. Sitemap Creation/Submission Creating a sitemap that is created correctly gives a road map to Google or any other search engine to what pages are on your website and how your website itself is structured. Submitting your sitemap to Google is usually the first step in their crawling your website and scanning your content to see where it should go in the search engine results. Having a sitemap on your website is also said to help in some small way to your search engine ranking although that is information that only Google knows and is up for debate. Local SEO Getting top results with your local search engine optimization efforts requires excellent keyword research, citations, and the utilization of tools and platforms that can improve your search engine ranking.

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