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By: Elite Dental Practices  01/30/2016
Keywords: Periodontal Disease, Porcelain Crowns, Root Canal Therapy

If you’re in need of an important procedure like dental rebuilding, sedation dentistry Hollywood FL is a fantastic option. With sedation dentistry, you lay back in a state of complete relaxation while your dentist performs the treatment. No pain. No injections. No inconvenience! We recommend our sedation dentistry Hollywood FL services to patients undergoing major dental work that lasts hours and even multiple sessions. It’s also great for people who are short on time, suffer from fear of the dentist, have a hard time getting numb, or have a bad gag reflex. How Does Sedation Dentistry Work? Sedation dentistry is so named because it involves you taking a type of drug known as sedatives. These depress the areas of your central nervous system that deal with conscious awareness. Different degrees of sedative are used depending on the patient and the procedure being performed. sedation dental treatment hollywood fl If you’re afraid of needles, you’re in luck! Sedation dentistry Hollywood FL doesn’t involve injection. The sedatives are ingested orally. All you have to do is take a pill and before long you’re in a state of total relaxation! During sedation, you aren’t asleep. You’re awake and slightly conscious, but not entirely. You can move and respond to stimulation (such as speech). However, you don’t feel a thing! Why Sedation Dentistry? There are a number of benefits to this type of treatment: Sedation makes time fly. A procedure that takes hours feels like no more than a few minutes. You feel completely at ease and comfortable. Sedation dentistry makes it possible to speedily perform complex treatments–saving you money! You’re conscious enough to cooperate during the process. You often don’t even remember the procedure! There are a lot of people who fear going to the dentist or who have had traumatic experiences in the past. They undergo sedation dentistry Hollywood FL and discover that dental care can actually be a very relaxing event. This is a completely anxiety free process. Plus, our treatment options are affordable and reasonably priced!

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