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By: Idea180  12/15/2015
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Understanding our plan of attack – we use a simple but effective formula (per keyword): What is your conversion rate? Conversions divided by traffic. What is your allowed cost per conversion? What you are willing to pay for that conversion. Allowed cost per click? Divide the allowed cost per conversion by the amount of traffic you need to get one conversion. Once we identify room for optimization we can optimize the landing page (to increase conversion percentage), ad copy (to improve clicks and decreasing cost per click) or simply forget about a certain keyword and move to the next. Tracking is the most critical; however, often most overlooked component of a successful PPC campaign. We have the experience and tools to systematically track every aspect of your PPC campaign. This allows us to identify the keywords that are worth investing in and the ones that should be scrapped before you waste any additional money. Basically we maximize your ROI (return on investment). The second most important ingredient is defining the conversation you wish to convey to prospective customers. We can help with that as we already know in many cases the most popular search terms. Call tracking (phone calls) Lead generation (forms collected) Cart conversions (sale) Subscriptions (email collected) After we define a conversion we meticulously track your campaign to insure it is regularly optimize to increase those conversions and reduce cost. Some of the techniques we use to improve the effectiveness of a campaign include: A-B test landing pages A-B test ads Use of negative keywords Review the traffic per keyword to determine if it converts or not We also rely heavily on past knowledge We don’t always recommend paid search. There are a lot of variables to consider when deciding to pursue a PPC campaign. How much competition are you up against within your industry? How well are your competitors managing their AdWord PPC campaign? What is your marketing budget? What type of conversion rates to you need to consider the campaign a success? REMEMBER Just like you optimize your website competitors are doing the same. It’s a race that never ends. If your business relies on traffic, make sure you have a diverse marketing strategy that does not rely ONLY on paid search. We definitely recommend PPC (if budget allows). It’s always good to have some sort of small PPC campaign running that bids on your brand and tests some keywords so we can get some insights into the keywords that convert and direct search engine optimization efforts in the right direction. Remember, your customers use different phrases to find you or your services and these phrases are apt to change from time to time. PPC is like a lab that allows you to quickly test using any type of budget.

Keywords: Click Advertising, Internet Marketing Company, Pay Per Click, Pay Per Click Advertising, Pay Per Click Management

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