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By: Idea180  12/15/2015
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We build on any CMS platform (like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal), eCommerce stores or code your site from scratch (HTML5 / PHP / JQuery).Our team uses agile development techniques to make sure your website is designed and developed as fast as possible. Our expertise in project management streamlines the development process saving our team time. This allows us to offer the industries most efficient turn-around time and in turn save you money. Every web design and development project is executed based on the following criteria: Information architecture – What is the objective of the website and how will we present the information for the users? What is the main Call to Action or CTA? Is the CTA in a location that can be easily discovered by a visitor to your website? User oriented – How is the user experience? People take less than once second to decide if your brand is credible. You only get one chance to make that first impression. We build sites that will be seen by real people. We want to make sure the users have a positive experience with the site and ultimately respond to your call to action. Search Engine friendly – We follow best practices to make sure your site is indexed by various search engines. In addition, we can provide you guidance on what needs to be done in order to start attracting organic traffic.

Keywords: Web Design

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Email Marketing

It is much easier to sell to existing clients or existing people on your mailing list than to new ones. You have already earned their trust and proven your brands credibility.

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Video Production

A short promotional video can convey a message faster and more conveniently and in this era where people are active in social media, videos can go viral. We can create longer segment video ads for TV and edit smaller versions to promote your product via social media.

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Lead Generation

Lead generation is the life line of most organisations. Idea180 offers a comprehensive service combining all the tools at our disposal to maximise your online lead generation efforts.

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Search Engine Optimization

We also focus on making sure your website architecture (how the information is displayed) is built correctly so the traffic flows on your website (instead of bouncing off). We also optimize so traffic turns into conversions and not just traffic.

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Search Engine Marketing

Just like you optimize your website competitors are doing the same. It’s a race that never ends. If your business relies on traffic, make sure you have a diverse marketing strategy that does not rely ONLY on paid search.