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By: ProfileGorilla  06/01/2015
Keywords: Business Management, Crm Software, Business Management Software

As companies grow, the sheer amount of business record data and documents exponentially grow. Companies either continue to hire labor to handle the management of this growth or implement scalable platforms, and that is where ProfileGorilla solves real problems: • Web-based (SaaS) software that provides companies and their vendors/suppliers a system where they can manage any kind of business record like Clients, Vendors/Suppliers, Assets, Contacts, and more. • Vendors/Suppliers can self-maintain their own information, saving companies the time and expense of having to collect and do the data entry themselves. • Automated Reminders to keep you alerted to important dates like Contract Expirations, License and Certification Expirations, Maintenance Cycles, etc. • In-System Reporting, Document Management, Checklists and Notes, are just some of the additional key features ProfileGorilla offers. • For the majority of companies, the software costs less than most purchasing approval levels, meaning no RFPs or Solicitations needed!

Keywords: Business Management, Business Management Software, Crm Software, Customer Relationship Management Software, Relationship Management Software