hat - Ventilated hat to keep you cool

hat - Ventilated hat to keep you cool from Urban Canairie

By: Urban Canairie  08/11/2016
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Looking for a cool hat that protects you from the sun without making you uncomfortably hot? If so, the Urban Canairie hat is for you! We believe that the main reason you get so hot while wearing a regular cotton baseball or military style hat is because those hats actually trap and retain heat from your head, on your head, compounding the problem. The Urban Canairie hat employs an exclusive patented design to keep your head, face and eyes in the shade while minimizing heat build-up on your head... The main functional features of the Urban Canairie hat are an oval, head shaped flat top and a surrounding mesh vent strip that promotes the movement of air around the crown of your head. This allows heat to escape from the top of your head, and if you're on the move or there's a nice breeze, you can actually feel the air moving over/around the top of your head... We're sure you'll agree that this is very refreshing on a warm sunny day! It's an ideal beach hat, adventure hat and hiking hat. It's unisex - Both a men's hat and a women's hat. The styling of the Urban Canairie hat is in the "military kepi" tradition, however we have urbanized the look with a low profile and tapered sides, resulting in clean modern lines. We're confident that you'll agree it's the new shape of cool! We know that keeping your head cool is one of the best ways to keep your mind and body fresh and relaxed... So the Urban Canairie is made from strong lightweight materials with light colors to reflect the sun's rays, further reducing heat build-up. The bottom side of the visor is anti-glare: A darker color that absorbs light, minimizing the amount of light that reflects into your eyes. Inside the hat, the headband is made with a sweat absorbing, moisture-wicking material. The Urban Canairie hat is made with quality that you can see and feel • Our hats are "Made in North America", not overseas. The Urban Canairie "one size fits most" hat size ranges from Small (6-7/8 = 21~1/2 inches or 55cm head circumference) to Large (7-3/8 = 23~1/8 inches or 59cm head circumference). A nice velcro strap allows precise adjustments. For a limited time only, enjoy our current 'Introductory Prices' Also - Get free shipping on orders of 2 hats or more!

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