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By: Todd W. Shulby, P.A.  10/06/2015
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Labor law in Key West can be a complicated process. Not everybody in Monroe County is aware of the current laws and statutes designed to protect employees from unfair business practices. When you are not receiving the right amount of compensation or you are employed at a hostile working environment, it can be a powerless feeling. But there are solutions. Seeking assistance from a labor law attorney in Key West can help resolve a dispute with your employer, allowing employees greater peace of mind. Labor law attorney Todd W. Shulby is committed to help guide clients through the legal process and resolve their labor disputes. We all depend on our jobs to provide the necessary income to live life to the fullest. But what happens if you have been wrongfully terminated or you are receiving far less money than you should? It can affect the quality of your life as well as your physical, mental and emotional health. Labor law attorney Todd W. Shulby understands the challenges of today’s working environment. He represents a broad range of clients who are seeking fairness when it comes to performing their jobs and receiving a fair wage. The Americans with Disabilities Act and the Fair Labor Standards Act are among the many laws on the books designed to protect workers. The last thing any employee should have to worry about is their boss not providing the right amount of compensation. Employees also have the right to work at a safe working environment free of discrimination and hostility. When those rights are violated, the best solution is to seek help from a labor law attorney in Key West. The law office of Todd W. Shulby, P.A. is committed to helping clients recover money from lost wages, unfair business practices and fallacies involving wages and overtime compensation. When you are involved in a dispute with an employer, it can bean uncomfortable position. Your boss may threaten termination or choose to deduct pay. If you are having a problem with your boss, most employers are reasonable and will listen to your concerns. But not all employees are fortunate. During these types of conflicts, it is important to have a labor law attorney in Key West on your side to protect your rights and provide skillful representation and negotiation in a court of law or through mediation. A responsible labor lawyer in Key West has the knowledge and experience to help clients through this difficult time. Todd W. Shulby, P.A. utilizes a comprehensive and compassionate approach to ensure clients are given the best opportunity to resolve their disputes and go on with their professional livelihood. Do not continue to become a victim of unfair business practices. Contact the labor law attorney in Key West with a successful track record for looking out for the best interests of his clients. Call Todd W. Shulby, P.A. today and schedule a consultation.

Keywords: Business Lawyer, corporate attorney, Employment Attorney, Labor Law

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