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Damminix® Tick Control from US Bug Squad FL, LLC

By: US Bug Squad FL, LLC  07/08/2015
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Held hostage by ticks? It’s time for freedom. Ticks are small and hard to reach, but have the potential to significantly impact your health for the rest of your life. Thankfully, protecting your family from these bugs doesn’t mean locking everyone inside for the summer. Here’s how U.S. Bug Squad can tackle your tick control. Damminix® Tick Control You need to limit your exposure to ticks to reduce the likelihood of contracting lyme disease. To accomplish that, we use Damminix Tick Tubes®. Specifically Localized Treatment Damminix Tick Tubes® use permethrin to control ticks. Permethrin is a widely-used insecticide in agriculture, homes and gardens, and even for the treatment of lice, fleas, and scabies in people and dogs. However, this insecticide is toxic to bees, fish, reptiles, and cats. With Damminix Tick Tubes®, the permethrin is localized to a very specific area (cotton balls). The only way to come in contact with the permethrin is through contact with the cotton balls. How It Works Damminix Tick Tubes® take advantage of the nesting instincts of mice to handle tick control. These biodegradable, cardboard tubes are filled with cotton balls that have been treated with permethrin. Mice collect the cotton to build their nests, and their fur absorbs the oils from the permethrin. When ticks try to feed on these mice, they come in contact with the permethrin. Permethrin controls ticks by attacking their nervous system, ultimately paralyzing them. What It Controls Damminix Tick Tubes® are used for deer tick control.

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