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Surface Insect Control from US Bug Squad FL, LLC

By: US Bug Squad FL, LLC  07/08/2015
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Protecting your home from pests starts outside. To handle insect problems, you have to stop them at their source. While you might be one that loves the great outdoors, I’m certain you’d rather keep the outside out of your home. If you have a problem with pesky insects invading your home, or want to take preventative action to keep them out, we have what you need. Surface Insect Control To take control of bugs inside your house, we first have to take control of the bugs outside your house. This is obviously where the bugs come from, so treating the problem at its source is the best course of action. How It Works To handle surface insect control, we apply a treatment around the perimeter of your home that functions like a bug band—creating a barrier between your home and insects that live outside. We also apply this treatment to your whole lawn, shrub beds, and property perimeters when addressing a severe infestation or persistent problem. What It Controls Our surface insect treatments control: ants, spiders, crickets, palmetto bugs, ticks, fleas, chiggers, chinch bugs, sod web worms, mole crickets, armyworms, and many more common insects.

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