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By: All Home Meters, LLC   09/12/2015
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A Wind Mitigation Inspection Miami (hurricane or windstorm inspection) determines the appropriateness of the structure’s construction in the event of strong winds, such as those present in a hurricane. We perform Wind Mitigation Inspections in Miami Dade, Hialeah, Homestead, Kendall, Doral, Miami Beach, Coral Gables. Wind Mitigation Inspection 627.711 F.S. establishes that uniform inspection form must be used by all insurers when submitted by policy holders for the purpose of factoring discounts for wind insurance. Also, under 627.711 F.S. after the inspection the insurance companies shall clearly notify homeowners the availability and the range of each premium discount, credit, other rate differential, or reduction in deductibles, and combinations of discounts, credits, rate differentials, or reductions in deductibles, for properties on which fixtures or construction techniques demonstrated to reduce the amount of loss in a windstorm can be or have been installed or implemented. The policyholders may be able to take actions to reduce their windstorm premium. If your home has undergone a Windstorm inspection you are potentially eligible for insurance discounts or credits in his windstorm insurance policy. Construction protection Windstorm construction features protect your home from catastrophic damage by strengthening your home ability to withstand the uplift, shear and lateral forces of the wind associated with a hurricane to the exterior shell of your building. The features enhance the vulnerable components of your home protective shell or envelope by fortifying your roof, exterior walls, windows a nd doors so they will not breach or fail in high winds. If this envelope is breached, not only can wind-driven rain and debris enter your home causing considerable damage to its interior, but the high winds can enter your home and exert pressure on your walls and roof leading to catastrophic damage to your property. Discounts. Insurance companies are enforced to provide insurance discounts for homes that have hurricane constructions that reduce the losses in a hurricane event. Discounts are required to be submitted for wind damage reduction (mitigation). The discounts are justified because stronger, more hurricane-resistive houses have lower windstorm losses, and lower hurricane losses mean reduced costs to insurance companies. The insurance discounts provide some financial incentives for homeowners to strengthen their existing homes and for new construction with the strongest options in the Building Code (FBC). The insurance rate discounts in Florida began to take place in 2003. They apply to both existing construction (houses built prior to 2002) and new construction built to the new statewide FBC. Most insurance companies require windstorm certification of the key construction features to qualify for these discounts: wind mitigation inspections. Windstorm inspections can be performed for a single family home, townhouse, condo and commercial building. Homeowner’s and Condo Associations also qualify for wind mitigation credits. Form OIR B1-1802 The State of Florida, Office of Insurance Regulation (OIR) created the official windstorm inspection form OIR B1-1802 that can be completed by Professional Engineers to certify the following features: Building Code (code existing when the property was designed and compliance with hight velocity hurricane zone). Roof covering (type, Florida Building Code or Dade Product Approval, year of installation, permit number). Roof to deck attachment (truss/rafter spacing, deck type and thickness, nails/screws size and spacing). Roof to wall attachment (type, amount and location of nails). Roof geometry. Secondary Water Resistance or Barrier. Protection for glazed and non-glazed openings (impact resistance coverings or products listed as wind borne debris devices protecting against ciclyc pressure and missile impact: shutters, impact glass).

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