Metal Tiles Are Not Just For Residential Projects

By: Eden Mosaic Tile  09/08/2015
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Metal tiles are the 'in' thing right now; be it for roofing, flooring or wall applications, they do prove to be the best alternative when compared to the more traditional ceramic/glass tiles. This is simply because metal tiles are more durable, long lasting and have a low maintenance cost, thus giving its users their money’s worth many times over. Metal tiles are often used in residential projects i.e, renovating kitchens, bathrooms, fireplace surrounds, etc. For example, simply changing the appliances and creating a metal backsplash can go a long way towards creating a more modern look to an outdated kitchen. Homeowners nowadays understand metal backsplash tile can be a cost effective solution to their 'outdated' kitchen look. However, metal tiles are also increasingly used in commercial projects, such as in office spaces and recreational establishments. Versatile as they are, designers are finding new uses for these elegant, modern tiles. Today, architects, designers and builders use metal tiles in a large variety of different wall and flooring applications. Popular applications include metal tiles to be used on entrance hallways, reception desks, in restaurants, on cafeteria walls, in night clubs, bars, elevator cabins, etc. One of the attractive aspects of these installations is the impact of the ambient lighting on the mosaic tiles. The reflective characteristics of the metal mosaic tiles interact with the ambient lighting to create or enhance specific aesthetic tones for the space. Stainless steel and aluminum tiles in particular have the reputation of being hygienic, durable and easy to clean. Both metals are also highly resistant to oxidation and staining. These features make stainless steel and aluminum tiles attractive to any commercial project. Aluminum tiles also have the advantage of being considered light, thus making it convenient for installing aluminum tiles in weight sensitive areas, such as in elevator cabins or on ceilings. Further an aluminum tile is cleaner to cut through than a stainless steel tile; each aluminum tile is made of one piece, while the stainless steel tile is usually comprised of a real stainless steel 'cap' attached to a ceramic backing. Metal backsplash tiles in general are of great value, no matter where the metal tile is being installed; their modern look and feel, overall adaptability, ease of installation and durability provide users long years of enjoyment. Regardless of the project; be it residential or commercial, metal tiles are worth being included in any build.

Keywords: Metal Backsplash Tile, metal backsplash tiles,

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Article Published on Mar. 11, 2015 - MIAMI -- Learn about backsplash tiles and how these decorative metal mosaic tiles