Oral Cancer Screening

Oral Cancer Screening from Grisel Martos, D.M.D.

By: Grisel Martos, D.M.D.  12/31/2014
Keywords: Dentistry, Dental X-rays, Digital X-rays

Where dental imaging is concerned, here at Dr. Martos’ office, we use advanced technology to provide only the best of services to our patients. This allows us to give them detailed information about their condition without being intrusive in their mouths. Dr. Martos uses an OP300 CT SCAN to drive panoramic scanning tests that offer unsurpassed visibility for monitoring orthodontic treatment planning. Come and see why we are the best dental office in Miami.

Keywords: Dental Screening, Dental X-rays, Dentistry, Digital X-rays, Intra-oral Camera, Oral Screening

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