A Urologist in Miami Can Help With Nocturia!

A Urologist in Miami Can Help With Nocturia! from Urology Specialty Care

By: Urology Specialty Care  03/26/2014
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If you take a poll of senior citizens in Miami asking what the worst part of growing older is, you’ll probably get a wide variety of answers. Some will point to issues like arthritis or osteoporosis, others find diminishing eyesight or hearing to be the most problematic. One answer you’re bound to hear, particularly among men, is the frequent urge to get up at night to use the restroom. Getting up at night is a huge annoyance, especially when it occurs more than once. Known among urologists as Nocturia, the need to use the bathroom a couple times per night is most often caused by an enlarged prostate. As men age, their prostates generally start to get bigger, usually by age 50 or even earlier in some men. The prostate larger size can cause temporary partial or even full blockages of the urinary tract, thus comes the seemingly random nocturnal urges. While Nocturia obviously isn’t a life-threatening issue, its annoyance factor is enough for many to search for a urologist in Miami who can help alleviate the constant urge to go in the middle of the night. Those who suffer from Nocturia often feel unusually tired during the day and a lack of sleep can have wide reaching adverse health effects for a senior citizen. Plenty of men resign themselves to live with the problem however, rather than get help from the physicians at Urology Specialty Care in Miami. Most men don’t even mention the issue to their doctor because they are unaware of their options. Only a qualified urologist can successfully diagnose and treat Nocturia, so make sure you put your health in the capable hands of the urology center of excellence. Dr. Cosme Gomez, one of the many expert urologists at Urology Specialty Care, is a recognized expert in the field of prostate health and he has helped countless people in Miami regain their quality of life by controlling their Nocturia and other prostate-related health problems. Dr. Gomez is board certified by the American Board of Urology, a member of the American Urological Association, a fellow of the American College of Surgeons and an Assistant Professor of Clinical Urology at the Wertheim Medical College of Florida International University. Call Urology Specialty Care today and make an appointment to talk to a urologist about your Nocturia. Appointments can be made between 8am and 3pm most days so call (305) 547 8720 now and schedule yours! We accepts most major insurance including Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Cigna, Aetna, Preferred Care Partners, Medicare and more!

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