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By: The OC Massage Therapy  07/16/2015
Keywords: Reiki, Hot Stone Massage, Prenatal Massage

Change or cancel your session with 4 hours notice. Call for today's available times or go to weblink for advance bookings. Couples Massage -Together is Better! Relax The Back Let the relaxation begin! From the top of your neck down to your gluts, feel your muscles melt their cares away with a good, thorough back massage. Relaxation/Swedish Massage Let the relaxation begin! From the top of your neck to the bottom of your feet, feel all the muscles melt their cares away with a great, general relaxation massage. Light, medium or firm pressure choices. Reiki Energy work that involves placing of therapist's hands on the persons’ body in a passive way. Treatments are as quiet and comfortable as possible. The recipient remains fully clothed during the hands-on healing touch. Most people experience a gentle warmth or tingling sensation coming from practitioner’s hands. Position of the hands changes and treatment lasts about one hour. Foot Reflexology Pressure point work done on reflex areas on the feet and legs. Research studies in the U.S. and around the world indicate positive benefits of reflexology for various conditions. 1. Reflexology has an impact on specific organs (e.g., fMRI readings demonstrated an increase in blood flow to kidneys & to the intestines) 2. Reflexology can demonstrate an amelioration of symptoms (e.g., positive changes were noted in kidney functioning with kidney dialysis patients) 3. Reflexology creates a relaxation effect (e.g., EEGs measure alpha & theta waves, blood pressure decreased & anxiety lowered) 4. Reflexology aids in pain reduction (27 studies demonstrated a positive outcome for reduction in pain; e.g., AIDS, chest pain, peripheral neuropathy of diabetes mellitus, kidney stones, and osteoarthritis) Lymphatic Drainage The lymph system’s function is to carry off wastes, toxins, bacteria, viruses, excess of water, etc. from the body’s connective tissue. Blockage in the lymph system or damage of the lymph nodes results in swelling (edema), congestion and eventual physical problems and abnormalities. Energy Balancing Energies that are a part of your body spirit connection may be come out of sync. Energy balancing work is done along with a pendulum, allowing your to see what changes are being suggested and then applied through clearing out stagnant energies and then realigning the energy towards a new, healthy flow. Prenatal Massage Goals for pregnancy massage are to help minimize stress, promote relaxation and prepare the muscles for childbirth. Deep Tissue Masssage This is a more penetrating form of bodywork that goes deep into the layers of muscle and connective tissue where chronic pain, aches, and fatigue are trapped. 40 to 50 ibs. more pressure is used and this type of massage is for athletes and bodybuilders, not pain reduction. Positional Release Therapy Releases muscle contractions in 90 seconds, (Strain Counter-strain Therapy) has been done by physical therapists and osteopaths since the 1950's and was figured out by Dr. Lawrence Jones, D.O., whom I would like to profusely thank, for this has kept Michael & I practicing for almost 30 years as professional massage therapists and has helped many, many people over the years to get out of pain AND in a relatively comfortable fashion. Welcome to THE Our Clients Club THE OC CLUB 3 month Membership Billed once a month for each 3 month subscription, Then Simply relax & enjoy Up to 50% off massage rates. *Any 50 min. session except Lypossage. Choose your frequency: Bronze 1x month $60 (monthly $60) Silver 2 x month $55 (monthly $110) Gold 4x month $50 (monthly $200) Platinum 8x month $40 (monthly $320) Ask for more info at your next session or Subscribe NOW & JOIN instantly at our website.!

Keywords: Deep Tissue Therapy, Energy Balancing, Foot Reflexology, Hot Stone Massage, Prenatal Massage, Reiki

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