Hydration Station

By: Ocean Beach Tanning Spa  03/17/2015
Keywords: radiant heat, Hydration Station, Hydrofusion

Hydration Station is the first system of its kind to offer a client the ability to prepare their skin for tanning, prolong the life of the tan, and protect the skin from dehydration and poor skin tone. It also offers the non-tanner a way to rejuvenate their skin and slim and tone their body. By deeply hydrating the skin with steam, radiant heat, and special oxygenated skincare products, you promote a faster, deeper, darker tan. How does the System Work? Hydrofusion: The simultaneous combination of steam and radiant heat creates "hydrofusion" - a powerful vortex of energy. Hydrofusion promotes an improvement in the appearance of tanned skin, enhanced color, moisturization, and prolonged results of UV and Sunless tanning sessions. Steam: Moist heat stimulates perspiration and dialtes the pores of the skin, allowing for an improved absorption of products, including accelerators, moisturizers, and DHA. The steamy vapor acts like a "blanket of moisture" enveloping the skin. Radiant Heat: Our body absorbs radiant heat every day in small doses in the form of sunlight. Our technology harnesses radiant heat energy, which works naturally with the body to deliver a tingle factor phenomenon for the entire body, without the negative sensation.

Keywords: Hydration Station, Hydrofusion, radiant heat,

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