open high security car

By: Poplock Locksmith  06/05/2016
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Not all the locksmith know how to open Mercedes, actually most of the locksmith don’t know how to open a Mercedes. The car have the best security system from all other cars. If you locked your key in the car or the trunk it will be almost impossible to take the keys out. You will need to tow your car to the dealer shop and only there they will be able to open it. In our company we open Mercedes, I won’t say that it is easy but we do it. For example one customer called me and told me that he left his car key in the trunk and there was a locksmith before that tried to open the car for two hours without a success. He was ready already to tow the car to the dealer. He lost hope, I told him don’t worry I will help you, we will get it open. I was there in 15 minutes and after 25 minutes the trunk opened. The guy was so happy he called Mercedes and told them the story. They were in shock, they said that this type of car it’s impossible to open, you will have to tow it to the dealer shop. Don’t believe to the a locksmith if he tells you that they can’t open the car and you will need to tow it to the dealer, there is always a way, you just need to call the right locksmith company. You need a professional locksmith that know how to do it.

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