Protect Medical Consumers through evaluation of unhealthy practices and research for solution

By: Society to Protect Medical Consumers  12/27/2014
Keywords: Medical Malpractice, Consumer Protection, Medical Errors

We review and identify healthcare traps, issues, practices that are unhealthy to consumers; consult all relevant parties and inform the public while seeking solutions to these issues through research, and social action, if applicable. When 26 people out of 330,000,000 express their concerns about certain healthcare practice, their voice is tiny. With a million or more complaining as a group, you get immediate attention. For years we have heard “patient empowerment,” but tell that to the veterans. It is high time we assert our rights and responsibilities; call that a “patients union,” but we would rather exert our influence as consumers of healthcare services for our own sake. Would you like to participate in this effort, for the betterment of your health and well-being? It is as easy as voicing your opinion in our open forum; simply sign in and speak your mind. To show that you are really with us, contribute one time or regularly as a Supporter. If you are in a position to do so, support our cause generously as a Donor. If you are interested in contributing your personal experience or professional expertise on any of the issues, participate in our Issue Discussions, or additionally volunteer by joining our research team. Even if your situation does not permit you to join, please share our vision, tell others about us, and visit our web site often for helpful updates.

Keywords: Consumer Protection, Medical Errors, Medical Malpractice, patient empowerment, Protect Medical Consumers

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