Signs of Addiction

By: Teen Treatment Center  09/23/2015
Keywords: Drug Rehab, Alcohol Rehab

Spotting the signs of addiction is the first step in helping your teenager overcome their struggles. Once you realize your teen may be an addict, you can start helping them along the path towards sobriety. Still, it can be difficult to spot the exact signs of addiction. After all, teenagers are known for their moodiness and angst, so differentiating between typical teenage behavior and signs of addiction can be difficult. Each teenager fighting addiction will exhibit their own unique signs of their problem, but there are some major indicators that your teenager could be an addict. If your teenager is exhibiting any of the following, they may need help: Drastic & Sudden Personality Changes Secretive New Friends Anger or Irritability Bloodshot Eyes or Dilated Pupils Skipping School or Work Loss of Interest Strange Marks on Hands, Feet or Arms Unexplained Bruises There are additional signs of addiction that can vary from teenager to teenager. Essentially, if your teenager is showing major lifestyle changes that cannot be explained by another factor such as divorce, stress or loss of a loved one, there may be an addiction at hand. If your prescription medications have gone missing or if your teenager is needing more and more cash, they could be using those items to procure drugs and alcohol to fuel their addiction. If your teenager is living with addiction, they’re not living the life that you’ve hoped. It’s never too late for your teenager to put an end to their addiction and live the fulfilled life they’ve been missing. You may feel that you cannot fix your teenager’s problem, but you can help them greatly along the path to sobriety. Call the Troubled Teen Helpline for Orlando at (407) 530-3487. The helpline can connect your family with the teen-centered treatment programs that can help your teenager conquer their addiction and live their life to the fullest.

Keywords: Alcohol Rehab, Drug Rehab