Spade as My Main Anchor

By: Spade Anchor USA  06/24/2015
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Sailing Today released another independent anchor test from March 2015 which profiles the Spade as the "Top for Performance". The Spade Anchor performs in a very broad section of sea bottoms. Spade anchors are designed to dig deep and hold in mud, sand, kelp, and many other sea bottoms. Once the anchor is set, it will rotate and corkscrew in deeper with tide or current changes. How does the Spade anchor do this? With a chisel tip to act like a cutting tool and 50% of the weight in the tip of the anchor, the Spade anchor begins digging immediately. After the tip has dug into the seabed, the concave shape acts like a giant scoop on the sea floor providing maximum resistance and holding power. Because of the weighted tip and design, when the wind or current changes, the anchor keeps digging down. You can find more information by looking at the sailing today March 2015 issue.

Keywords: anchor test, Anchoring, Anchors, ancors, main anchor,