Signs of Addiction

By: Teen Treatment Center   09/23/2015
Keywords: Drug Rehab, Alcohol Rehab

Teenagers go through a lot of changes as they grow into adults and these changes often create personality shifts. Your teenager can become reclusive, snappy or grumpy. When your teenager is naturally changing each and every day, how can you understand any signs of drug dependency? It’s important to understand when your teenager is showing that they’re struggling, but that’s often easier said than done. Though every teen is different, there are some major sings your teenager may be exhibiting if they’re dependent on drugs or alcohol. Here are some signs your teen may need your help: Major Personality Challenges Inability to Concentrate Unusual Markings on Arms & Lets Skipping School or Work Drop in Grades Excessive Sweating Extreme Exhaustion There are numerous other sings that your teenager may be dependent on drugs. If their financial habits have taken a turn for the worse, they may be spending their finances on drugs and alcohol. It comes down to staying observant of your teenager and any changes they may be exhibiting. While changes don’t automatically mean there is something wrong, it never hurts to keep an open dialogue with your teenager so you can better spot potential problems. If you do suspect that your teenager is dependent on drugs or alcohol, there are steps you can take to help them towards sobriety. There are teen-focused treatment centers which can help your child overcome their struggles of drug dependency. These centers will help your child through medically-monitored detox treatments, then provide ongoing support programs aimed at your child’s success. Parenting doesn’t come with a handbook, and no parent can help their child out of the difficulties of drug dependency all alone. Help your child by connecting them with the help they need. Call the Troubled Teenager Support Line for Pinellas Park at (727) 202-5258 to find the treatment center that’s ready to guide your teen towards sobriety.

Keywords: Alcohol Rehab, Drug Rehab