Finding the Right Manager for Your Condominium Association

Finding the Right Manager for Your Condominium Association from sci-Shot

By: sci-Shot  01/16/2015
Keywords: Human Resources, Condo Insurance, Labor And Employment Law

Condominium boards often hire community association managers to help manage and oversee their association’s affairs. However, since community association managers often handle critical and complex matters, it’s important to choose the right one. The first step to confirming the qualifications and experience of a community association manager is to make sure they are properly licensed. In Florida, community association managers must be licensed to perform specific functions for condominium associations with more than 10 units or with an annual budget of over $100,000. Importantly, a 2014 statutory amendment expanded the types of functions that can only be provided by a licensed community association manager. In addition to controlling or disbursing association funds, preparing financial documents and assisting in the meeting process, a license is required if a community association manager: • determines the number of days required for statutory notices • determines and collects amounts due to the association before the filing of a lawsuit • calculates the votes required for a quorum or to approve a proposition or amendment • completes forms that have been created by statute or by a state agency • drafts meeting notices and agendas •calculates, prepares and responds to requests for assessment and estoppel certificates Find the complete article at .

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