Is More Surveillance Needed?

Is More Surveillance Needed? from sci-Shot

By: sci-Shot  09/17/2014
Keywords: Crime Prevention, Surveillance Camera, Camera Phone

n the wake of one of the most controversial police shootings in modern times, a growing interest by the public has been placed on whether or not officers should be required to wear body-cameras at all times. In case you missed it, here is a brief recap of the events in Ferguson, MO: Fatal Shooting: An unarmed, 18 year old black male was killed after being shot multiple times by Darren Wilson, a white male police officer. Details of the incident were slow to be released, and in the absence of information, racial tensions and violence grew. Questions have arisen. Did the officer feel threatened? Did the victim attack the officer? Was the shooting justified? Details of the circumstance that led to the shooting have yet to be answered and tensions remain high. Many witnesses provided their accounts of the incident, but eyewitness testimonies are no longer the gold standard. Intentional or not, these testimonies have become unreliable over the years, further supporting the need for information that is not filtered through the human experience and therefore less biased. This unfortunate and sad event resulted in the decision to adopt the use of body cameras in the St. Louis suburb. Police are now utilizing this technology to not only protect the innocent (whether the public or law enforcement), but to change behaviors – people act differently when being watched... For the full article please visit:

Keywords: Camera Phone, Community Safety, Crime Prevention, Eyewitness, Ferguson Shooting, Surveillance Camera,

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