By: GLIG Groundworks Pompano Beach  08/18/2015
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With all the rain and sunshine that Boca Raton gets, you’d think that landscaping would be as simple as laying sod, planting seeds and letting nature do the work for you. Landscaping isn’t quite so simple, especially when you have a large commercial space that needs landscaping. At GLIG Groundworks, we specialize in all types of landscaping needs, with commercial landscaping in Boca Raton as our specialty. There are many different things that could be causing your commercial landscaping to perish, but we’re here to help. If your commercial landscaping is less of an oasis and more of an eyesore, it may be damaged by one of our top 3 commercial landscaping problems:Commercial Landscaping Boca Raton, FL Improper irrigation. Sure, afternoon thunderstorms are the norm during the summer, but this won’t provide all the water your commercial landscape needs. Bigger spaces require intricate irrigation, and without the right water supply your landscape will surely dry up. At GLIG Groundworks, we can perform any necessary irrigation installation and repair in Boca Raton, keeping your landscape well-fed. To your customers, your landscape is something to be looked at. To lawn pests, your landscaping is a meal to be eaten. If you’re not performing any type of pest control on your landscape, it’s just a matter of time before whiteflies, chinch bugs and caterpillars make a meal of your landscape. Not to worry, we can keep your property clear with our commercial pest control services in Boca Raton. Non-Native plants. There’s a reason that some types of plants flourish in Boca Raton and others don’t. Sure, Melaleuca Trees (also known as Punk Trees) might look nice, but these invasive species will either fall apart in Florida’s tropical climate, or threaten the health of your local ecosystem. At GLIG Groundworks, we only plant non-invasive plants that are meant for the beautiful Boca Raton weather. When it comes to caring for your commercial landscaping in Boca Raton, these are just a few of the factors that can cause your greens to turn brown. Don’t let your landscaping become an eyesore and customer-deterrent. Instead, let our team of professional landscapers, arborists and pest control experts care for your commercial landscaping. We can protect your landscape from pests, along with designing and installing irrigation systems to ensure that everything is properly watered. For landscapes that need a little extra TLC, our team at GLIG Groundworks can design and install brand new landscaping solutions featuring non-invasive plants that will last. To learn more, call our landscaping specialists at (561) 922-9044.

Keywords: Irrigation

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