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By: Roots Movement Studio  03/24/2015
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Intro to Belly Dance Intro to belly dance with Safirah combines belly dance, ATS, ITS, Gypsy Caravan,cabaret, and tribal fusion to give you a basic understanding of dance posture, hip bumps, shimmies, footwork, snake arms, and fun combinations. Includes lots of fun drills to get the muscle memory to give you a base of fundamentals as you continue on your belly dance journey. What should I wear? Please wear attire you can move in. No jeans. Wear either workout gear or have more fun with gypsy/ boho skirts. Hip scarves are recommended to wear over your skirts or pants. If you do not have a hip scarf or coin scarf we do have them available for purchase starting at $9.99 $8 per class buy in advance and get your sixth class free. Classes start Tuesdays Feb 10th from 5:30pm-6:30pm Drop ins welcome Burlesque Learn about the art of tease! From vintage Burlesque like Betty Page to modern burlesque like the pussycat dolls. We will work on sexy walks, pin up poses, sexy combinations and work with props like chairs, feather boas and gloves. No nudity required! What should I wear? Please wear attire you can move in. No jeans. Wear either workout gear or have more fun with fishnets and a half top... whatever works for you, as long as you can stretch and workout. $12 per class. Pre pay for 5 get 6th free. Thursday at 6:30pm. Class starts Feb. 19 Drop ins welcome Tribal Style ATS format This is an ITS class off of American Tribal Style Belly Dance or ATS format. Improv tribal dance is based on the concept of lead and follow. Specific cues allows a group of dancers to dance together without having to follow a specific choreography. The followers watch for cues to know what movement is being called by the leader and provides the ability to bring dancers together in dance. This movement vocabulary is known across the country and other parts of the world. We will incorporate fast and slow moves. The fast vocabulary features hip-articulating steps including shimmies and hip bumps. The slow vocabulary introduces juicy, mysterious steps such as the body wave and arm undulations. $10 per class or pre pay for 6 classes for $50 Saturday at 10:30-11:30 Great for beginners or L2+ that need a refresher Learn to Spin and Make POI Poi spinning, an ancient art form rooted in play, strengthens both mind and body. Combine it with music and technology, and you have a contagiously fun and undeniably powerful tool for holistic healing. You will Learn how to make poi, and learn fundamental poi spinning moves and technique, with an emphasis on fun! $20 for 3 hours, 1 hour DIY poi making and 2 hours of basic poi spinning. All materials included March 28 12p-3p Tracing the Soul with Sandra "Tracing the Soul" is Sandra's expression of the divine Goddess. Lyrical movement of body, soul and emotions. Dancing with soul is moving without rules...constant falling and surrender, then catching yourself. "I learned to love myself through watching my movements in the mirror. Staring into my own eyes, it felt safe to fall in. I allowed myself to see my body, beyond all imperfections and forgotten flaws. Dancing helped to calm me if I just let my body trace the current. It started to heal me. I would move to the silent rhythm that carried me, ride the current, trace the soul. And then one day, while taking a bath, as I stretched my leg up in the air, I thought "That's not MY leg!" It looked so much more toned, more tended to than I remembered. My body started responding to activity differently, and the parts of me which never seemed to change, started to change."---Sandra Dance is an escape and adventure. Where body becomes a silent instrument as the beat takes one deeper. Holding the space as he does so beautifully, Michael Katala, will take us deeper within as he shares his frame and djembe drumming to aid us in our journey of letting go and receiving release from our harshest criticisms of self. Friday April 3rd at 5:30-6:30 pm $15 per person

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Intro to Belly Dance

Combine lots of different forms of belly dance to give you a base of fundamentals as you continue on your belly dance journey