Hydrophobic Hybrid Clean, Shine and Protect

Hydrophobic Hybrid Clean, Shine and Protect from Nano Lab, Inc.

By: Nano Lab, Inc.  06/03/2014
Keywords: Hydrophobic surface coatings, Hydrophobic glass coatings, self cleaning coatings

Nano Lab, Inc. a Florida based nanotechnology development and manufacturing company is proud to introduce our second generation hybrid hydrophobic non-porous surface science. The hybrid product was engineered to deeply clean hard surfaces by penetrating the microscopic imperfections, separating and dislodging previously impossible to remove grime. This is a spray on wipe off product that transforms into a hydrophobic nano film that will make subsequent cleanings significantly less frequent and time consuming. The contact angle is ±100 degrees with a high roll off angle, so it is not in the super-hydrophobic range. Large bubbles of liquid will form on the surface. The hydrophobic layer is very durable, optically clear and uniquely breathable providing a super slick easy to keep clean surface. We are constantly asked about longevity and this is very difficult question to answer with any specificity. The technology has a instant and superior electrovalent bond that will outlast traditional waxes, polishes or sealants but is subject as all topical surface treatments are to excessive abrasion related failures, So final use will dictate the life span, but the more you use the product as a cleaner the longer the hydrophobic protective qualities will be prevalent. This technology has been sold in over 100 countries throughout the last 10 years and has remained non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-abrasive, non-flammable, water based and biodegradable so it is completely safe for people, pets, plants and the planet and most importantly your pocketbook. The hybrid product is a proprietary water based technology manufactured by Nano Lab, Inc. by blending food grade surfactants, low molecular weight short chain polymers, monomolecular silicium and mixed-phase anatase and rutile titanium dioxide for superior bond, hardness and absorption of ultraviolet radiation. The bottom line is a extraordinarily inexpensive easy to use product that will clean, shine and protect almost any hard surface against fingerprints, fluids, dirt, dust and rust! Works great on: Automobiles • Boats • Motorcycles • Airplanes • RV's • Paint • Fiberglass • Leather • Vinyl • Rubber • Plastic • Glass • Mirrors • Chrome • Stainless Steel. • Aluminum • Brass • Billet • Acrylic • Porcelain • Granite • Marble • Eye Glasses • Solar Panels • Touch Screen Devices • Eisenglass and much more... Installation: • Spray On • Rub In • Wipe Dry It doesn't get any easier then that! Material sold under a non exclusive no fee private label license agreement in a 54:1 super concentrate. Please call for curent prices and availability

Keywords: Hydrophobic surface coatings, Hydrophobic glass coatings, self cleaning coatings

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