ZnO Shield

By: Nano Lab, Inc.  06/03/2014
Keywords: Coatings

ZnO Shield™ will perpetually reduce contaminates on contact and when activated with light it becomes photocatlytic generating highly reactive oxygen species like OH−, H2O2, and O2−. The negatively charged hydroxyl radicals and superoxides are extremely powerful "scrubbing bubbles" that virtually eliminate all volatile organic compounds and malodors. This phenomenon is know as ultraviolet photocatalyst oxidation (UV-PCO) and is the cornerstone of our superior self cleaning system. To better understand our technology we suggest you conduct a internet search for scientific data and uses of Ultra-Violet Photocatalytic Oxidation (UVPCO). The ZnO Shield™ technology is food grade, water-based and un-dopped. We do not incorporated toxic nano scale heavy metals like silver Ag or zinc Zn, Both breathable metal shards and ultraviolet light are extremely problematic inside structures virtually guaranteeing "incomplete oxidation". Incomplete oxidation is a common problem with inferior photocatalyst products that produces numerous hazardous byproducts the most dangerous is formaldehyde a odorless toxic gas.

Keywords: Coatings

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