Karuna Reiki®

Karuna Reiki® from Rev. Serena

By: Rev. Serena  09/23/2016
Keywords: Natural Healing, Leg Pain, Hip pain

The Karuna Reiki®i system was developed by William Rand founder of the International Center for Reiki Training. The system itself originated from Kathleen Milner's system of Reiki known as Tera-Mai. William took the symbols used by Kathleen meditated on them, their uses, and the attunement process. By altering the uses of certain symbols and as well as the attunement process as he was guided, the energy of the entire system shifted. Karuna Reiki® Master Practitioners/Teachers must already have reached the master level of Usui Reiki to train and become certified. The energy of Karuna Reiki® as a whole, became very heart centered, hence the name Karuna, which is a Sanskrit word used in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Zen, which can be translated as meaning "compassionate action". The opinion shared by most people who have either experienced a Karuna Reiki® session or had the opportunity to learn this system versus the traditional Usui system is that the energy of the Karuna system seems much more definite and focused than the Usui system. Profound relief and significant shifts in body, mind and spirit are often experienced by clients due to the intensity of the energy through Karuna Reiki®! Schedule your session today! Initial session is 90 minutes, subsequent sessions range from 60 to 90 minutes. Fees range between $77 and $111 30 minute distant healing sessions are also available for $44. A sliding fee scale is available with proof of income for those who are financially burdened. To schedule your session: loveheals.heartnsoul@gmail.com

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