TMJ pain relief

By: Anchor Dental Care  08/30/2014
Keywords: Headache Relief, Natural Pain Relief, Arthritis Pain Relief

Keep Waking Up With Headaches? If the first thing you feel in the morning is a headache or pain behind your eyes or pain in your neck and shoulders, come in for a visit. What you’re experiencing could be the result of problems in your mouth. These are common symptoms of a condition known as temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ), which basically means that your jaws don’t align properly. This misalignment stresses the jaw joints, putting pressure on nerves and muscles – which can result in morning headaches, migraines or facial and neck pain. Not everyone with TMJ disorder shows symptoms. And not everyone has headaches or pain; TMJ disorder can also lead to broken teeth or fillings, loose teeth and toothaches. What is certain is that if you do display any of these symptoms, they won’t get better without professional help. Many people find that resting the jaw helps ease the pain. You can do this by eating soft foods, avoiding chewing gum and hard candies. We can also show you jaw exercises to stretch the jaw joints and relieve stress. If these methods don’t work, you still have other options. Come see us at Anchor Dental Care and get instant relief today!

Keywords: Arthritis Pain Relief, Headache Relief, Muscle Pain Relief, Natural Pain Relief, Tmj Pain Relief

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