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By: Indaba Global Coaching LLC   04/26/2016
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DISCflex DISC Assessments are revolutionizing the DISC Assessment Industry. Choose from over 15 different DISC topics and get personalized DISC reports based on your DISC profile. DISCflex DISC Assessments are used by everyone from small businesses owners to Fortune 500 leaders, professors at colleges and high school and middle school teachers. DISCflex DISC assessments focus on the "now what" question, and help guide the user to flex their natural DISC tendencies. Flexing: Conscious manipulation of your behavior to achieve better results. Example: A natural introvert practices speaking up and speaking their mind. Morphing: The result of practicing flexing over time until it becomes a natural reaction. Example: The former introvert has practiced consciously being extroverted for such a long period of time that it was become second nature to be outgoing and extroverted. When you think about flexing and morphing think about lifting weights at the gym to try to get bigger muscles. The time spent at the gym is flexing, the results over time is morphing. DISCflex helps you flex away from your natural DISC style in order to be able to one day morph into the person you want to be. DISCflex DISC Assessments have optional eLearning courses that are available to assist in understanding the DISC factors and learning how to flex your behavior.

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