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Spectra Light Energy Healing from Center of Vedantic Living

By: Center of Vedantic Living  09/01/2016
Keywords: Natural Healing, Holistic Medicine, Spiritual Healing

"Spectra Light Healing" is very special Healing Technique which uses the power of Infinite source of Divine energy to "INSTANTLY" heal your physical and emotional problem or issue. At the same time, Healing energy also cleans & balances your 10 major energy centers or chakras. This energy is invoked and channeled into my body through intense focus and meditation. Once, Healing Energy starts flowing through my body I induce the Healing Energy which I call “Spectra Light” into your body though your crown Chakra. The transfer of energy usually takes any time between 5-10 minutes and it has potential to "INSTANTLY" heal your physical or/and emotional problem issue. At the same time Spectra Light also cleans & balances your 10 major energy centers or chakras. HOW SPECTRA LIGHT HEALING IS DONE? As you are, now it’s time to start the journey of Physical and emotional healing and Spiritual learning. In these healing sessions, you would receive two Spectra Light Healing sessions, which would not only heal your physical & emotional issues but also cleans, balance & rejuvenate your energy centers. Your energy Centers are nothing but 10 chakras which are present in center of the body all the way from your Feet to the top of your head. Your energy field, also commonly called your aura, is a large and luminous field of energy which comes out from your physical body. SESSION 1 Detoxification Process In this session, you get attuned to the Spectra Light energy, so that all the issues related to your body and mind are cleansed and detoxified. In order to cultivate healing in any part of your body or mind, I channelize and send healing energy to the place which needs cleansing and detoxification and most of the time healing happens within few minutes. This process begins to remove the blockages that cause the various areas of your life to suffer, not function optimally, etc. SESSION 2 Rejuvenation Process In this session we continue deepening the process of healing and the healing energy would rejuvenate all the cleansed and detoxified areas with new life energy. This healing session help heal not only your Physical or emotional issue but it also balances your 10 major energy centers or chakras. This energy induction helps channelize the energy in your energy field which helps the chakras to work properly to their full potential. Balanced and healthy chakras helps you to:  Attain better Physical & Emotional health  Live your full potential & have fulfilled Relationships  Enjoy Self Power & Financial Success  Manifest you Desires & Live your life purpose  Realize your uniqueness and improve Communication skills  Unlock Intuitiveness & Intelligence  Have a sense of Contentment & Gratitude

Keywords: Energy Healing, holistic healing, Holistic Medicine, Natural Healing, Spectra Light Healing, Spiritual Healing,

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