R-507 Refrigerant

R-507 Refrigerant from Chilly Air

By: Chilly Air  08/11/2015
Keywords: Cheap R507 Refrigerant Freon

Buy Cheap R507 Refrigerant Freon at Chilly Air Check out Chilly Air's unbelievable prices and get your big savings on R507. R507 has also been used in industrial freezers found at your local port of entry, plant freezers, freight ships, and freezer trucks. R507 is a non-toxic, non-flammable, Class 2.2 product meeting the highest ASHRAE standard A1/A1 classification. R507 has an Ozone Depletion potential of 0, a Global Warming Potential of 3985. R507 should be charged into a system with a Polyolester (POE) and not with Mineral Oil (MO) due to it being more miscible, or able to blend with the refrigerant. http://www.mychillyair.com/r-507-refrigerant/

Keywords: Cheap R507 Refrigerant Freon

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