granite from Classic Stone Gallery

By: Classic Stone Gallery  12/10/2015
Keywords: Granite, Granite Countertops, kitchen countertops

A natural igneous type rock composed primarily of mica, feldspar, and quartz, Granite has been used in building applications for many centuries. Granite is mined by being blasted from quarries in huge blocks which are then sliced similarly to a loaf of bread to create a “bundle” of slabs, with each slab mimicking each other in directionality and variation of colors. Certain Granites have naturally occurring pits and fissures, both of which do not weaken the granite or make it less durable but rather are formed from naturally occurring minerals in the earth and are considered part of the natural beauty of the stone. Granite can be used anywhere without worry and is considered some of the strongest solid surfacing material in existence. Install in any room, kitchen, bath, or as a floor tile with no worries.

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