Oticon Alta2

Oticon Alta2 from Contemporary Hearing

By: Contemporary Hearing  01/25/2016
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A great hearing solution is one that will give you clear speech understanding, ensure you don't feel tired at the end of the day and deliver sound that sounds natural to you. Alta2 will give you all this in the most discreet devices possible. Alta2 comes with every one of Oticon's BrainHearingTM technologies. These technologies work together to give you excellent sound quality - in all types of situations. At the same time that Alta2 delivers superior speech quality, it also helps more subtle sounds that make everyday life a pleasure to become clear again. You can make more sense of the world around you and enjoy more of life's special moments.

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Contemporary Hearing is honored to be able to offer our services to the community. Blair Post has been helping the hearing impaired for over 17 years in the southwest Florida area. He is a Nationally Board Certified Hearing Specialist and an accredited Audioprosthologist. He is dedicated to helping people have a better quality of life by improving understanding of speech in conversations with family, friends and at social events.Digital hearing aids are available from a variety of manufacturers.