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Celebrity services from Privi, LLC

By: Privi, LLC  08/12/2015

Now engage fans like never before with exclusive and unique ways.Privi helps you to build a long lasting and personal bonding with your fans series of channels via customized text messaging, mobile coupons, membership fan clubs etc.

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Privi For Non-Profits from Privi, LLC thumbnail

Privi For Non-Profits

Create emotionally charged relationships with your donors by offering a true behind-the-scenes experience. Send success stories of positive impacts that

360 Degree Campaign Management from Privi, LLC thumbnail

360 Degree Campaign Management

Privi works directly with celebrity and business managers, publicists or marketing teams. Privi's Celebrity Services offer 360 degrees of campaign

Donation API from Privi, LLC thumbnail

Donation API

With Privi's Easy Customized API you can now process credit card securely and get the donation at ease.

Crowd Funding and Process Pledges from Privi, LLC thumbnail

Crowd Funding and Process Pledges

Privi makes crowd funding,process pledging on the go right through your text messages.

Mobile Coupons from Privi, LLC thumbnail

Mobile Coupons

Privi helps to reduce marketing cost and more engaging customers by using mobile coupons in an effective way.

SMS marketing Services from Privi, LLC thumbnail

SMS marketing Services

Privi helps with their innovative and easy to use services like 1- and 2-way text messaging,content on demand services to