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By: Center Backpack Bag Co., Ltd.  04/06/2016
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The first step for maintaining trolley bags, of course, is the cleaning job. Whether you like it or not, after experiencing the luggage truck, aircraft, cargo hold, baggage conveyor belt and bumpy road, your trolley bag will inevitably be dusted. Before cleaning work, you need to figure out the material type of the trolley bags. Different material requires respectively different cleaner and cleaning methods. We can find on the luggage tags or specifications about the detailed information of material of the high-grade package, and maybe you will also find that the use of the corresponding precautions, cleaning and maintenance methods and maintenance information, and so on. The understanding of the material of trolley bag is necessary for you to effectively remove the dust and stain in the enclosure, not to destroy the appearance of the suitcase. But whatever the trolley bag material is, it is quite important to tear the freight sticker is as soon as possible. Sticker will be extremely easy to melt under the high temperature of summer, and leave corrosion marks which are difficult to remove. But maybe you want to leave those stickers, deliberately in order to record the trip or as a decoration, then keep them. Tearing it after a few months will make you regret. Suitcases in general can be divided into two categories: hard and soft cases. As the name implies, hard box is the hard material luggage suitcase. Soft box, however, is totally different. Currently on the market, common hard box are made of ABS, PP, PC, thermoplastic composite materials, etc., and most hard boxed are with high temperature resistance, abrasion resistance, impact resistance, waterproof and compression characteristics, so the hard case is more suitable for long-distance travel. This material is relatively simple to clean up: first mopped with wet cloth, and then use some neutral detergent, such as household laundry detergent to remove more stubborn stains. With a clean soft cloth dipped in detergent, you need to wash gently to scrub back and forth until the dirt on the shell is removed. After using the cleaner, remember to wipe again to avoid detergent residues. The use and maintenance of trolley bag: 1. The vertical should be upright, and don't put things on it. 2. The shipping label should be removed as soon as possible. 3. When not using it, trolley bag should be kept well in plastic bags, lest be stained with dust. For a number of months of dust, if the infiltration go into the surface fibers, it can be hard to clean up then. 4. Clean the trolley bag according to the material: ABS and PP material, if dirty, can resort to wet dishcloth with neutral detergent to wipe, the dirt can be quickly removed. But EVA is not applicable. First, you need to brush off the dust, and if the stain is hard to remove, you can also use soiled oil gently to scrub off. 5. The trolley bag must be often lubricated to keep the bottom of the wheels maintaining its smooth. After using it, lubricating oil must be added in case of rust. The cleaning job inside the luggage is relatively much simple, both cleaner and wet cloth is applicable. The inside and outside metal parts require different cleaners and after cleaning, use a dry dishcloth to dry metal parts to prevent damage to the outer coating or oxidation rust.

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